Supermarket workers feel alone and unrecognized over COVID-19: ‘Is today the day I get the virus?’

A year ago this month, during the early days of the pandemic, Susan Hernandez, a cashier at Food 4 Less in North Hollywood, found herself in a sea of panic-buying shoppers. The coronavirus hadn’t claimed any lives yet in Southern California, but the scenes in stores gave a certain dawn-of-the-apocalypse [...]

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An unexpected pitfall for some cities’ mandatory hazard pay for essential workers

Despite the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations, hazards for frontline workers continue. Early in the pandemic, many large companies increased pay for essential workers, but many of those raises have now expired. Seattle and several cities across California have passed mandatory hazard pay for employees at some large grocers, a move [...]

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‘‘We Are Forgotten”: Grocery Workers Hope for Higher Pay and Vaccinations

It has been an exhausting 10 months for Toni Ward Sockwell, an assistant manager at Cash Saver, a grocery chain, in Guthrie, Oklahoma. She has been helping to oversee about 40 anxious employees during a deadly pandemic, vigilantly disinfecting counters at the store and worrying about passing the coronavirus to [...]

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Grocery industry sues Seattle over new $4 hazard-pay law

Two Northwest grocery industry trade groups are suing Seattle over the city’s new law mandating $4-an-hour pay raises for grocery stores. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Seattle, alleges the city’s law interferes with the collective-bargaining process between grocery stores and unions and also “picks winners and [...]

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Grocery sales soared in 2020 due to COVID-19, but analysts forecast a 2021 crash back to Earth

Shoppers raided grocery store shelves in 2020, stocking up their pantries and dining increasingly at home as the COVID-19 pandemic spread. Now analysts and investors are concerned that sales will come back down to Earth in 2021, driving comparable sales declines across the sector. “Food and discount retailers were COVID-19 [...]

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