Grocery prices nearing pre-pandemic affordability

By Caleb Wilson Source: Food Business News While consumers remain concerned about high food costs, at home food prices and away from home food prices are nearly as affordable as they were in January 2020. Leo Feler, PhD, chief economist at data insights firm Numerator, analyzed data from the US [...]

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Grocery Pricing and Promotions for Uncertain Times

By Gina Acosta Source: Progressive Grocer How should grocers be fine-tuning their pricing and promotions strategies amid decreasing consumer confidence, persistent inflation and increased pressure on P&Ls? "Retailers are under a lot of pressure," said Raley's Supermarkets Senior Director of Merchandising Operations Chris Pecot, who spoke at NIQ's Consumer 360 conference in Los [...]

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Shoppers Still Shelling Out for Groceries

By Lynn Petrak Source: Progressive Grocer A couple of days after the latest CPI data revealed a 0.1% uptick in overall prices and food-at-home prices, information from another arm of the U.S. government indicated that consumer resilience is just as sticky as inflation. The Census Bureau reported a 0.3% increase [...]

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