Grocery workers have borne the brunt of the pandemic. Now supermarket shootings are on the rise.

By Joanna Slater, Laura Reiley, Caroline Anders and María Luisa Paúl Source: The Washington Post These days, when Eddie Chavez supervises the self-checkout area at the Safeway supermarket where he works in Colorado, he swivels his head back and forth like a pendulum, keeping a constant watch on everyone who comes [...]

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For Oregon’s Grocery Workers, A Long Wait For Vaccination

As of this week, Oregon has administered one million doses of COVID-19 vaccine. But Governor Brown’s plan designates that grocery workers in Oregon aren’t eligible for vaccination until May 1st. For the last year, most people have dramatically decreased the number of interactions they have outside their immediate family. A [...]

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Supermarket workers feel alone and unrecognized over COVID-19: ‘Is today the day I get the virus?’

A year ago this month, during the early days of the pandemic, Susan Hernandez, a cashier at Food 4 Less in North Hollywood, found herself in a sea of panic-buying shoppers. The coronavirus hadn’t claimed any lives yet in Southern California, but the scenes in stores gave a certain dawn-of-the-apocalypse [...]

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An unexpected pitfall for some cities’ mandatory hazard pay for essential workers

Despite the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations, hazards for frontline workers continue. Early in the pandemic, many large companies increased pay for essential workers, but many of those raises have now expired. Seattle and several cities across California have passed mandatory hazard pay for employees at some large grocers, a move [...]

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‘‘We Are Forgotten”: Grocery Workers Hope for Higher Pay and Vaccinations

It has been an exhausting 10 months for Toni Ward Sockwell, an assistant manager at Cash Saver, a grocery chain, in Guthrie, Oklahoma. She has been helping to oversee about 40 anxious employees during a deadly pandemic, vigilantly disinfecting counters at the store and worrying about passing the coronavirus to [...]

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Los Angeles County approves hero pay for grocery workers, relief for renters

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted on several measures Tuesday to provide economic relief during the pandemic, including "hero pay" for grocery workers and expanded protections for renters. The hero pay measure would require big grocery chains and drug retailers to provide an extra $5 per hour to [...]

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About 20% of grocery store workers had Covid-19, and most didn’t have symptoms, study found

Grocery store work puts employees at serious risk for infection, a new study found, particularly those who have to interact with customers. These workers likely became a "significant transmission source" for Covid-19 without even knowing it because most in the study were asymptomatic. The analysis, published Thursday in the journal [...]

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Grocery workers say morale is at an all-time low: ‘They don’t even treat us like humans anymore’

This spring, for the first time, Angel Manners found purpose and pride at the supermarket where she has worked the past decade. Customers praised her as a hero for putting herself at risk during the pandemic. Bosses boosted her hourly pay by $2. Suddenly, her job was essential. Nearly five [...]

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