Is Your Grocery Delivery Worth a Worker’s Life?

Millions of white-collar workers are telecommuting from home to stay safe as the coronavirus extends its terrifying reach across America. But millions of other workers — supermarket cashiers, pharmacists, warehouse workers, bus drivers, meatpacking workers — still have to report to work each day, and many are furious that their [...]

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Grocery workers are keeping Americans alive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what they need.

As worried Americans pack supermarket aisles in anticipation of quarantines and shelter-in-place orders, grocery workers like Courtney Meadows are working at a frantic pace to keep Americans fed and alive, and risking their own health in the process. Meadows, a cashier at Kroger in Beckley, W.Va., said her store is [...]

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States move to classify grocery workers as emergency personnel

Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz, has designated “food distribution workers,” which includes people who work in grocery stores, as emergency workers, CNN reported.  The decision means food retail employees such as clerks and stockers will be covered by an executive order Walz issued last Sunday that directs the state’s school districts to [...]

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