UFCW calls for a nationwide mask mandate in stores to protect staff, and says the CDC’s new mask guidelines don’t go far enough

By Mary Hanbury Source: Business Insider The CDC changed its guidance around wearing masks on Tuesday, recommending that everyone wears masks indoors — whether they have been vaccinated or not — in areas of the country where COVID-19 cases are soaring. But one of the US' leading retail unions says the new [...]

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CDC Mask Change Not Enough to Stop COVID Delta Surge, National Mask Mandate Needed to Protect Essential Workers Still on Frontlines of Pandemic

Source: UFCW Today, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), the union for 1.3 million food and retail workers, welcomed a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mask policy recommending that vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans resume wearing masks indoors in high-transmission states and if they have vulnerable people in their household such [...]

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Texas Poultry Workers Unionize at Waco Pilgrim’s Pride Plant, Joining Largest Union for Texas Frontline Food Workers to Strengthen Pay and Protections as COVID Delta Variant Surges

Source: UFCW Today, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), the union for over 33,000 Texas food and retail workers statewide, announced that over 400 Texas poultry workers at the Pilgrim’s Pride plant in Waco have voted overwhelmingly to unionize and joined UFCW Local 540, the largest union for food workers in the region. [...]

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California Workers to Lawmakers: State Budget Must not Forget Essential Workers’ Sacrifice

Source: UFCW Western States Council The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Western States Council today released the following statement from Amber Baur, Executive Director, UFCW Western States Council, in response to the California Legislature’s agreed upon budget for 2021-2022: “If California is going to roar back from this pandemic, [...]

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Grocery worker COVID-19 infections, deaths rise: UFCW report

By Russell Redman Source: Supermarket News Grocery worker COVID-19 infections and deaths have surged in recent weeks despite steady gains in vaccinations nationwide, according to United Food and Commercial Workers International (UFCW). Since March 1, the number of grocery workers infected or exposed to coronavirus has climbed 24%, while deaths from [...]

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Federal Court Throws Out Dangerous Trump USDA Pork Line Speed Rule in Major Victory for Essential Meatpacking Workers

Source: UFCW Today, United Food and Commercial Workers International (UFCW) and Public Citizen announced a major victory for workers in America’s pork industry, with a federal district court in Minneapolis ruling that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) acted unlawfully when it eliminated limits on the speeds at which plants run their slaughter lines, [...]

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UFCW calls for expedited vaccine access, hazard pay for frontline food workers

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), which represents 1.3 million frontline essential workers, called on leading grocery retailer and local and federal government to expedite vaccine access for frontline food workers, while applauding the new wave of local hazard pay measures in at least 15 cities in the United States. “COVID-19 [...]

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Quebec grocery union, management work to untangle expected curfew complications

A union representing thousands of food-store employees was meeting with management Wednesday afternoon to figure out how those workers will be able to travel legally as Legault government announced a curfew as part of its lockdown strategy. The curfew begins at 8 p.m. Saturday. That would leave many employees in [...]

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