The Pandemic's Toll On Essential Workers In California Read more Many people who still have jobs are working from home during this pandemic. But not the cashiers who ring up groceries, nor the gig worker couriers who deliver them if... Albertsons sells minority stake to private equity firm for $1.75B Read more Albertsons has sold 17.5% of its stock to private equity firm Apollo Global Management for $1.75 billion, bringing the grocer a cash infusion as it prepares to go public,... Grocery Workers Union Estimates 3,257 Members Infected With Coronavirus Read more New data released by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union shows that among the grocery store workers it represents, 10,000 have been infected by or are known to have... On the front lines of the pandemic, grocery workers are in the dark about risks Read more By the end of April, employees at a Walmart in Quincy, Mass., were panicking: Sick colleagues kept showing up at work. Other employees disappeared without explanation. The store’s longtime greeter... The best part of my supermarket job was the people. Now, they’re the worst part. Read more I’ve worked in grocery stores since I was 20 years old. The best part of my job has always been the people. You never know who you might talk to... Grocery workers are everyday heroes during coronavirus crisis Read more Each night at 7 p.m. here in New York, something wonderful happens on my block in Queens and on streets all over the city. After a busy day at my... Stores Stress Over How to Handle a Customer Who Won’t Wear a Mask Read more Retail chains from CVS to 7-Eleven are being forced to decide whether and how to enforce rules on masks after a string of attacks on clerks and security guards by... US grocery costs jump the most in 46 years, led by rising prices for meat and eggs Read more Prices Americans paid for eggs, meat, cereal and milk shot higher in April as people flocked to grocery stores to stock up on food amid government lockdowns designed to slow... Who’s Enforcing Mask Rules? Often Retail Workers, and They’re Getting Hurt Read more The exchange was tense between the customer and Jesse, a Trader Joe’s employee sporting a white face mask and a flowery Hawaiian shirt. “Why aren’t you wearing the mask?” Jesse asked... VP Mike Pence to Food Industry: This Could Be 'Your Finest Hour’ Read more A panel of leaders from across the food industry, including the CEOs of Hy-Vee, The Kroger Co., Smithfield and Tyson, along with other representatives of the U.S. farm industry, met...

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Highlights from the 2019 Food & Drug Conference

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