Amazon Providing Same-Day 2-Hour Grocery Delivery From Lucky Supermarkets

By Bridget Goldschmidt Source: Progressive Grocer Amazon is now offering same-day two-hour grocery delivery from Lucky Supermarkets in select cities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area so customers can have fresh groceries delivered to their doors. “Our goal is to build a best-in-class grocery shopping experience — whether shopping in-store or [...]

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Amazon launches low-cost grocery delivery subscription plan in US

Source: Yahoo! Finance Ecommerce giant launched a new grocery delivery subscription on Tuesday in the United States for members of its Prime program and customers who are recipients of the government food assistance benefits. The subscription plan would allow Amazon's Prime members to get unlimited grocery delivery at $9.99 [...]

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We must start preparing the US workforce for the effects of AI – now

By Steven Greenhouse Source: The Guardian As artificial intelligence spreads rapidly across America’s economy, there’s a lively debate about how it will transform the future of work. What many people fail to realize is that AI has already changed millions of workers’ jobs – often for the worse. At Amazon, [...]

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Amazon Chips Away at Walmart Grocery Lead With Unified Pickup Options

Source: As Amazon continues to try to shrink the gap between its own share of consumers’ grocery spending and Walmart’s, the eCommerce giant is retooling its mass-market brick-and-mortar offerings and looking to provide one-stop pickup options. On Amazon’s latest earnings call, CEO Andy Jassy noted that the company has already [...]

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Amazon vs Walmart: Who Will Bag the Victory in the Grocery Aisle?

Source: Walmart, best known for offering products at wallet-friendly prices through its extensive network of physical stores, is setting records this month, driven by the success of its grocery offerings that continue to attract shoppers. Meanwhile, Amazon isn’t satisfied with its penetration of the grocery sector and is extending [...]

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Why Walmart is trouncing Amazon in the grocery wars

By Brett Ryder Source: The Economist When Amazon announced the $13.7bn acquisition of Whole Foods Market in 2017, it followed some oddball attempts to strengthen its grocery business, some conceived by Jeff Bezos himself. One was to develop an “ice-cream truck for adults”, driving into neighbourhoods with lights flashing and [...]

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