Amazon’s Whole Foods price cuts aim to build a ‘Costco-like’ relationship with Prime members

New lower prices at Whole Foods Market may not dispel the natural grocery chain’s “whole paycheck” reputation, but it could build stronger relationships with owner Inc.’s Prime members, much like Costco Wholesale Corp. has with its loyal repeat customers. On Wednesday, Whole Foods lowered prices on hundreds of items [...]

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Why Amazon’s New Grocery Ambitions Could Be a Mistake has been angling for a piece of the $660 billion grocery industry for more than a decade. In 2007, the company launched Amazon Fresh, an e-commerce grocery delivery service, in its hometown of Seattle. But Fresh's slow growth only gave it a sliver of the massive supermarket industry, so Amazon [...]

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Amazon Slashed Prices at Whole Foods. Now They’re Climbing Back Up.

Whole Foods is raising prices again, bowing to pressure from some consumer-product makers to cover rising packaging, ingredient and transportation costs on hundreds of products. Internal communications reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show the natural grocer raised prices from 10 cents to several dollars as suppliers have boosted their [...]

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Is Amazon the Sears of a new generation?

It’s been said many times before that the evolution and ultimate rise of Amazon could be compared to that of the legendary American retailer Sears. Both companies created a new business model where there was none, founded on the principle of bringing the store to the customer. For Amazon, that [...]

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