Whole Foods charts a new course

By Richard Mitchell Source: Supermarket News Whole Foods Market Chief Executive Officer Jason Buechel has unveiled what he said is a 10-year vision for leading the company into the future. The Austin-based retailer’s “Growing with Purpose” initiative, announced at the grocer’s first quarterly town hall meeting, will follow a scheme [...]

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Amazon Opens Revolutionary Whole Foods With Technology That Could Make More Than 3 Million U.S. Jobs Obsolete

By Amanda Breen Source: Entrepreur.com The first Whole Foods utilizing cashierless technology opened its doors earlier this week, making register-free shopping a reality for customers at the 21,500-square-foot store located in Washington D.C., Axios reports. Amazon, the grocery chain's parent company, has been developing its "Just Walk Out" system, which [...]

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Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods traffic trends show two-pronged strategy

By Russell Redman Source: Supermarket News Amazon’s brick-and-mortar supermarket chains, Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market, are settling into distinct market niches amid improved foot traffic and decreased cross-shopping between the two banners, according to an analysis by Placer.ai. Nearly two dozen Amazon Fresh stores have opened their doors since [...]

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