Supermarket squeeze! Beloved Lucky grocery store open in California town for 40 years closes its doors after Whole Foods and Trader Joes open nearby

By Alex Oliviera Source: Daily Mail A beloved California supermarket that has been a community staple for over 40 years is closing as newer supermarkets like Whole Foods and Trader Joes move into the neighborhood. The Lucky supermarket in Larkspur, California, will be closing its doors for good on April [...]

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Whole Foods charts a new course

By Richard Mitchell Source: Supermarket News Whole Foods Market Chief Executive Officer Jason Buechel has unveiled what he said is a 10-year vision for leading the company into the future. The Austin-based retailer’s “Growing with Purpose” initiative, announced at the grocer’s first quarterly town hall meeting, will follow a scheme [...]

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Amazon Opens Revolutionary Whole Foods With Technology That Could Make More Than 3 Million U.S. Jobs Obsolete

By Amanda Breen Source: The first Whole Foods utilizing cashierless technology opened its doors earlier this week, making register-free shopping a reality for customers at the 21,500-square-foot store located in Washington D.C., Axios reports. Amazon, the grocery chain's parent company, has been developing its "Just Walk Out" system, which [...]

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Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods traffic trends show two-pronged strategy

By Russell Redman Source: Supermarket News Amazon’s brick-and-mortar supermarket chains, Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market, are settling into distinct market niches amid improved foot traffic and decreased cross-shopping between the two banners, according to an analysis by Nearly two dozen Amazon Fresh stores have opened their doors since [...]

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