Amazon vs Walmart: Who Will Bag the Victory in the Grocery Aisle?

Source: Walmart, best known for offering products at wallet-friendly prices through its extensive network of physical stores, is setting records this month, driven by the success of its grocery offerings that continue to attract shoppers. Meanwhile, Amazon isn’t satisfied with its penetration of the grocery sector and is extending [...]

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Walmart is stripping some stores of self-checkout lanes and bringing back cashiers

By Dominick Reuter  Source: Insider Walmart is pulling self-checkout lanes from at least three stores, requiring shoppers to have an employee ring up their orders. Two stores in Albuquerque, New Mexico, were recently renovated to replace the checkout lanes, and changes to a third area store areslated to be finished [...]

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Who I’m Hurting By Shopping At Walmart

By Alana Semuels Source: Yahoo! Finance Every week, I go onto Walmart’s website and order a bunch of groceries to be delivered to my house and then feel a little bit guilty. Walmart is a multi-billion dollar corporation with headquarters more than 1,000 miles from my home; the money I [...]

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Walmart now targeting self-checkout with ads

By Bill Wilson Source: Supermarket News Walmart is rolling out a new ad strategy that leans into third party ads placed in the self-checkout aisle and TV aisles. The retailer will use screens in self-checkout areas and TV aisles, radio ads over its in-store audio network, and demo stations — [...]

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Inside Walmart’s Warehouse of the Future

By Sarah Nassauer and Dave Cole Source: The Wall Street Journal Inside a sprawling Walmart warehouse here, hundreds of jobs slinging boxes are changing into roles managing robotic arms, conveyor belts and screens. The central Florida warehouse, surrounded by cow pastures and housing developments, has been one of this county’s [...]

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Why Walmart is trouncing Amazon in the grocery wars

By Brett Ryder Source: The Economist When Amazon announced the $13.7bn acquisition of Whole Foods Market in 2017, it followed some oddball attempts to strengthen its grocery business, some conceived by Jeff Bezos himself. One was to develop an “ice-cream truck for adults”, driving into neighbourhoods with lights flashing and [...]

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