All In: How Walmart, Albertsons and Target Are Accelerating Change

In grocery, companies large and small, global and regional—including Walmart, Target, Albertsons and PCC Community Markets—are leading the way to more inclusive environments for their employees, customers and communities alike. “Although Walmart has been on the [DEI] journey for 16 years, we are still on the course of learning,” says [...]

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Justice Department sues Walmart, saying it fueled the nation’s opioid crisis

The Justice Department sued Walmart on Tuesday for what it said was the company’s role in fueling the nation’s opioid crisis by allowing its network of pharmacies to fill millions of prescriptions for opioids, thousands of which authorities said were suspicious. The 160-page civil complaint alleges that the retail giant [...]

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Retail workers ‘scared’ as cases surge

Labour activists in the US say big retailers like Amazon and Walmart must do more to protect workers as surging coronavirus cases coincide with the holiday shopping rush. They are calling for hazard pay, paid sick leave and better communication about outbreaks, among other things. The campaign comes as workers [...]

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Workers call on Walmart, Amazon and other retailers to bring back hazard pay ahead of holiday rush

Workers at Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and other major retailers are calling on their employers to reinstate hazard pay and strengthen safety protocols ahead of the busy holiday shopping season as coronavirus infection rates skyrocket. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), which represents 900,000 grocery employees at chains such [...]

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Walmart and McDonald’s have the most workers on food stamps and Medicaid, new study shows

A sizable number of the recipients of federal aid programs such as Medicaid and food stamps are employed by some of the biggest and more profitable companies in the United States, chief among them Walmart and McDonald’s, according to a new report from Congress’s nonpartisan watchdog. The Government Accountability Office [...]

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Walmart teams with electric self-driving carmaker Cruise in the retail giant’s latest push for futuristic delivery technology

Walmart is cruising into a new self-driving car delivery pilot. Starting early in 2021, shoppers in the Scottsdale, Arizona, area will be able to opt in for contact-free deliveries via self-driving Cruise cars. Cruise, now owned by General Motors, features an all-electric fleet and was founded in 2013. Walmart's Senior [...]

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Beyond TikTok, Walmart Looks to Transform

Walmart’s planned investment in TikTok is being called “transformative.” Another analyst predicted the deal could “redefine retail” across the industry. “It is a bigger-picture opportunity,” said Oliver Chen, a retail analyst at Cowen. Known for its homogeneous big-box stores in rural and suburban America, Walmart has turned more than a [...]

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