Whole Foods is slashing prices following its $13.7 billion acquisition by the e-commerce giant Amazon.

But can the grocery store ditch its “whole paycheck” reputation to compete with Walmart, the reigning king of American budget shopping?

To see how Whole Foods measures up against Walmart when it comes to grocery prices, we compared the prices of 31 items at a Whole Foods store in Durham, North Carolina, with a nearly identical set of items at a nearby Walmart.

The Whole Foods basket was $30.02 more expensive than a basket of the same items purchased at Walmart.

The bills came to $137.89 at Whole Foods and $107.87 at Walmart, after we accounted for the products’ varying package sizes and calculated those differences into the final price. In other words, shopping at Whole Foods is almost 30% more expensive than at Walmart.

A $30.02 difference is a significant gap — but a closer look at the numbers reveals some reasons to believe that Whole Foods and Amazon still have a shot at winning over bargain shoppers.

whole foods/walmart bananaWhole Foods’ organic-bananas price is now the same as Walmart’s.Kate Taylor

Walmart’s prices were less than Whole Foods’ on almost every item.

There were a few areas, however, where Whole Foods triumphed: bananas, peanut butter, and organic butter. Some other organic grocery staples — such as grapes, watermelon, and eggs — came within a few cents of Walmart’s price.

Many of these items had their prices slashed in late August, on the day the Amazon acquisition formally went through. Organic bananas, for example, went from $0.99 a pound to $0.69 a pound, matching Walmart’s price exactly.

whole foods durhamWhole Foods highlights price cuts with “Whole Foods + Amazon” signs.Kate Taylor

These price cuts have played a crucial role in allowing Whole Foods to come close to competing with Walmart’s prices.

While Whole Foods has been trying to win over value-oriented shoppers for more than two years, it took Amazon’s acquisition for the retailer to slash prices to figures near those of Walmart. That Amazon has promised “more to come” bodes well for the retailer’s ability to lower prices in the future.

ragu walmartWalmart sells dozens of types of marinara sauce, while Whole Foods tends to sell fewer brands, with a focus on organic items.Kate Taylor

In a few cases, Walmart’s prices are lower because Whole Foods doesn’t sell nonorganic, or “conventional,” versions of certain items, including coconut oil and quick oats.

However, Walmart’s prices are significantly lower than Whole Foods’ when it comes to selling the same name-brand items — Justin’s Classic Almond Butter is more than $2 more expensive at Whole Foods, and Annie’s mac and cheese is almost half the price at Walmart.

Whole Foods has historically stocked a plethora of more-expensive gourmet, organic, and all-natural brands, like Cypress Grove cheese, priced at $32.99 a pound, and $8 Fine & Raw chocolate bars. The grocery chain refuses to sell many of the popular brands — like Oreos and Doritos — that fill Walmart’s shelves.

Even where there is overlap with a brand, Walmart has the lower price.

Whole Foods’ post-Amazon-acquisition price cuts have had a major effect, especially on produce and some of the items from the retailer’s 365 brand.

However, if your top priority is low prices, Walmart still reigns supreme — by a pretty significant margin.

Here’s the full list of our results:

Item Amount Walmart Whole Foods
Organic red seedless grapes 1 lb. 2.73 2.79
Organic watermelon, cut 1.5 lbs. 5.82 5.99
Bananas 2 lbs. 1.16 0.98
Organic bananas 2 lbs. 1.38 1.38
Blueberries 1 pint 3.24 3.99
Farm-raised Atlantic salmon 1 lb. 8.74 9.99
Mayonnaise 30 fl. oz. 1.94 3.74
Coconut oil* 30 fl. oz. 10.30 12.83
Extra virgin olive oil 17 fl. oz. 3.42 6.03
Coffee 12 oz. 2.74 4.79
Organic marinara sauce 24 oz. 2.00 2.68
Almond Breeze almond milk 64 oz. 2.98 3.49
Justin’s Classic Almond Butter 12 oz. 8.97 11.24
Organic crunchy peanut butter 16 oz. 4.28 3.99
Organic butter 16 oz. 5.74 4.49
Annie’s mac and cheese 1 box 1.22 2.19
Organic brown sugar* 24 oz. 1.29 3.49
Organic milk 1 gal. 5.47 5.99
Aluminum foil 200 sq. ft. 6.64 7.99
Vita Coco coconut water 16.9 oz. 1.98 2.99
Organic large brown eggs 12 eggs 3.97 3.99
Large brown eggs 12 eggs 2.17 2.99
Thick-sliced bacon 12 oz. 3.92 4.99
Ground beef 1 lb. 3.88 4.99
All-purpose flour 5 lbs. 1.23 2.99
Quick oats* 42 oz. 2.46 4.99
Organic basil 0.5 oz. 1.12 1.66
Semisweet chocolate chips 12 oz. 1.84 2.99
Gala apples 2 lbs. 2.74 2.98
Navel oranges 2 lbs. 1.68 3.38
Water 1 gal. 0.82 0.89
Total $107.87 $137.89

*Only the Durham Whole Foods sold organic coconut oil and quick oats, while the Walmart did not sell organic brown sugar. Business Insider compared the lowest-priced options available.

Source: Business Insider