Walmart launches a concept where shoppers order their groceries online and schedule a pick-up time.

Walmart’s leaders and Bentonville Mayor Bob McCaslin held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Walmart Pick-Up Grocery location at the corner of Walton Boulevard and J Street.

It’s free to use the service and customers have to place the order at least two hours ahead of time. They can also schedule a pick up three weeks in advance.

“It’s all about, how do I find that right item that the customer is asking for as quickly as possible so that I can have that order ready when the customer arrives?” said Mitch Fevold, grocery manager.

When the customer arrives for pick-up, they drive-up to a touch screen kiosk, submit their last name, which then lets employees know the customer is ready for their items.

“The groceries are then loaded up and the customer would actually have the opportunity to review fresh products,” Fevold said.

Dana Davis, president and CEO of the Bella Vista/Bentonville Chamber of Commerce, said having Walmart in town benefits the city.

“I think that’s the value of being the location of the home office,” Davis said. “We’re very honored and pleased to have Walmart here, we’re very fortunate to have them here and so they can test market some of their concepts.”

This concept is a test. However, the company could bring in more of these locations if its successful.

“Certainly I know there are folks that are thinking about that and trying to figure out ways to meet the customers ever changing demands,” Fevold said.

Shoppers can order close to 10,000 grocery items including meat, dairy, produce, common household items and alcohol, according to the company.

Walmart Pick-Up Grocery created 30 jobs.

Source: 5 News (Arkansas)