Source: Brentwood News

A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) hearing in Connecticut on January 16 was the moment when grocery chain Trader Joe’s raised a constitutional challenge against the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), taking a similar stance to SpaceX. Not surprisingly, both companies are facing labor-related cases. The NLRB is currently prosecuting Trader Joe’s on multiple charges related to union-busting, including allegations of illegal retaliation against workers, termination of a union supporter, and dissemination of false information to discourage organizing efforts.

During the hearing, Trader Joe’s attorney, Christopher Murphy of Morgan Lewis law firm, introduced a new argument in defense, asserting that the NLRB, established during the New Deal era and overseeing private-sector collective bargaining for nearly 90 years, is “unconstitutional.” The argument is very similar to other conservative companies aiming to dismantle regulatory bodies, including those tasked with enforcing laws for worker, consumer, and environmental protection.

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