Ford, Walmart partner on self-driving grocery delivery

Ford Motor Co. is partnering with Walmart to figure out how self-driving vehicles might be used for delivering groceries. The automaker announced Wednesday it would leverage an existing partnership with Postmates to study how to best use robotic vehicles for grocery delivery. Postmates has a network of couriers that deliver [...]

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Walmart Unveils High-Tech Grocery Warehouse

Walmart Inc. is building a high-speed grocery warehouse to solidify its position as the nation’s biggest grocer. The new distribution center in Shafter, Calif. — halfway between Los Angeles and Fresno — is set to open in the fall of 2020 and will move products in and out 40% faster [...]

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Walmart Set to Pay $65 Million Over Making Cashiers Stand

Walmart could soon pay $65 million in a 9-year-old class action lawsuit over its lack of seating for cashiers. Nisha Brown brought the suit in 2009, according to the Los Angeles Times, and 100,000 current and former California Walmart cashiers are eligible to receive part of the payout. The onetime [...]

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Walmart’s relaunches site with focus on urban shoppers, same-day grocery delivery, the e-commerce site Walmart acquired in 2016 for $3 billion, is relaunching itself today with an upgraded look and assortment, as well as a stronger focus on serving the needs of shoppers in urban metros. The site’s updated catalog now features an assortment that’s more relevant to city shoppers’ interests [...]

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Walmart’s new Spark Delivery service is an Uber-like platform for groceries

Walmart has partnered with a delivery logistics company called Bringg to help it improve and further build out its last-mile delivery, primarily for groceries and household goods. The news, announced yesterday, coincides with the launch of a new Walmart program the company is calling Spark Delivery, which will crowdsource deliveries in a way [...]

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