Factories shift operations in scramble to restock supermarket shelves

With supermarkets stripped of food and many other essentials, consumer product companies halted factory runs of niche items such as scented bleach in order to speed up production of more basic merchandise that is in high demand. Brick-and-mortar retailers have warned that hoarding toilet paper, cleaning supplies and food staples [...]

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Grocery stores are bars now

Once, bars were bars and grocery stores sold groceries. You could not drink a pint at the grocery store, and you could not buy a pound of Vidalia onions at a bar. Those times are behind us. Now, grocery stores across the nation — and not just fancy, racehorse grocery [...]

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Where Did My Supermarket Go?

In New York City, distance is measured in blocks. The number of blocks a New Yorker has to trek lugging an armful of groceries could mean the difference between a great neighborhood and a crummy one. For many, that walk seems to be growing longer as corner markets and grocery [...]

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