Stater Bros. workers ratify new union contract

Workers at 172 Stater Bros. stores across the region have voted to ratify a three-year contract with the supermarket chain, a union said Friday. The contract between San Bernardino-based Stater Bros., Southern California’s largest regionally-based grocery chain, was announced earlier this week on a union website. It was confirmed Friday by [...]

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UFCW reaches agreements with grocery pharmacists, Stater Bros. workers

Pharmacists at Southern California’s major supermarkets and workers at 172 Stater Bros. stores have reached separate agreements on new union contracts. The tentative contract for pharmacists at Albertsons, Vons and Ralphs was announced Tuesday, Sept. 17 on the website of United Food and Commercial Workers’ Local 1167, which represents Inland [...]

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Stater Bros. moves ahead with store upgrades

Continuing a flurry of store remodels, Stater Bros. tomorrow plans to hold grand reopenings at four locations. The Southern California supermarket chain said it will reopen renovated stores in Santa Ana (2360 North Tustin Ave.), Calimesa (1155 Calimesa Blvd.), West Covina (375 North Azusa Ave.) and Rancho Cucamonga (9750 Nineteenth [...]

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Stater Bros. ranks in national job security survey

San Bernardino-based Stater Bros. made a top-20 list of companies with the highest rating for job security, Forbes reported. The online story cited findings in a report from, a search engine that aggregates job listings from several platforms. Stater Bros.’ No. 20 ranking put the Southern California supermarket company [...]

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Stater Bros. Names New CEO

Pete Van Helden will succeed Jack H. Brown as CEO of Stater Bros., the supermarket company announced Monday. Van Helden, currently president and chief operating officer, will assume the new title next Monday. “It adds some responsibilties... particularly in the area of public and corporate affairs,” Brown said in a [...]

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