Why So Many Food Workers Unionized This Year

By Nico Avalle Source: Bon Appetit Starbucks employees have successfully unionized over 250 branches of the international coffee chain. They’ve inspired workers at competitor Peet’s Coffee to organize too. The first Chipotle union has won its National Labor Relations Board vote in Lansing, Michigan. Trader Joe’s workers in Hadley, Massachusetts, have organized their store, [...]

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Starbucks Workers Strike at Dozens of Stores Nationally

By Noam Scheiber Source: The New York Times Starbucks employees went on strike on Thursday at dozens of unionized locations nationwide, citing what they say is the company’s refusal to bargain in good faith and anti-union tactics like firings and store closings. The work stoppage, which organizers have called “the [...]

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Union Leaders From Amazon, Starbucks, REI And Apple Speak At HuffPost Labor Panel

By Dave Jamieson Source: HuffPost Workers who are leading some of today’s most notable union campaigns gathered at HuffPost’s New York City office on Wednesday to share their stories. The panel, “A New Labor Movement,” showcased workers from Amazon, Starbucks, REI and Apple. All of those companies have seen a [...]

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Arizona Starbucks store votes to unionize, as organizing drive gains momentum across the U.S.

By Matthew Sedacca Source: The Counter Starbucks workers at a single location in Mesa, Arizona, voted to unionize, notching another win for a nationwide organizing drive that has quickly blazed across the coffee giant’s stores since two in the Buffalo, New York, area voted to organize this past December. The [...]

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