Ralphs’ pharmacists reject contract offer, authorize a strike

Pharmacists at Ralphs’ supermarket locations across Southern California have rejected the company’s contract offer and authorized its leaders to call a strike. A tentative agreement between Ralphs, Albertsons and Vons pharmacists represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers was reached Sept. 17 and was pending ratification by some 600 pharmacists [...]

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UFCW turns up heat on Ralphs in Southern California

With labor negotiations making little headway, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) are now reaching out to Ralphs Grocery Co. customers in Southern California. UFCW today said thousands of Ralphs grocery workers it represents have launched a campaign offering customers at 196 Ralphs supermarkets in the region a six-hour notice [...]

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Will Southern California grocery workers strike? Both sides hope not

An estimated 400 grocery workers, union representatives and supporters gathered in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday to demand a resolution to their long-running attempt to forge a new labor contract with Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons. Some 50,000 United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770members voted recently to authorize a strike against [...]

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