As more retailers turn to tech, Macy’s store employees score victory in challenging self-checkout in mobile app

Source: Stumble Roblox When Macy's introduced a self-checkout option in its mobile app in 2018, the department store bragged about how shoppers could peruse stores without having to wait in line to pay. However, for several store employees, that raised red flags, raising fears that it might endanger their [...]

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More Self-Checkout Is Coming, No Matter How Much You Hate It

By Rachel Wolfe Source: The Wall Street Journal The self-checkout line can drive shoppers nuts, from frustrations looking up produce to accidental double-scans. In Chattanooga, Tenn., a flustered self-checkout experience and subsequent failure to double-bag led Tim Connon to lose half his Thanksgiving groceries to the parking-lot asphalt. “There’s a [...]

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