Is Walmart Removing Self-Checkouts?

Source: Supermarket Guru It was reported that Walmart was removing self-checkouts in Maine and Massachusetts. Then it comes out that Walmart is not removing self-checkouts. That came out just yesterday. So we have this controversy going back and forth. But the interesting thing is what Walmart is trying to promote [...]

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Retailers appear to be facing a self-checkout reckoning

By Dominic Reuter Source: Business Insider Self-checkout may not be the money-saving "revolution" some retailers were hoping for. More than 30 years after the introduction of self-checkout and its promises of labor-cost savings, the tech has become ubiquitous in stores across the US. Now, retailers including Costco, Walmart, and Kroger [...]

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Walmart is stripping some stores of self-checkout lanes and bringing back cashiers

By Dominick Reuter  Source: Insider Walmart is pulling self-checkout lanes from at least three stores, requiring shoppers to have an employee ring up their orders. Two stores in Albuquerque, New Mexico, were recently renovated to replace the checkout lanes, and changes to a third area store areslated to be finished [...]

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How self-checkout kiosks may be making Americans lonelier

By Adriana Diaz Source: New York Post They may be in the market for friends. While many Americans have become accustomed to scanning their groceries while wearing headphones, this practice may be contributing to the loneliness epidemic. Self-checkouts account for nearly 40% of pay lanes at US grocery chains, according [...]

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An Ode to Checkout Counter Small Talk

By Bettina Makalintal Source: Eater There are many reasons to be skeptical about the continued rise of self-checkout, primarily the loss of jobs as stores cut cashiers (the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 10 percent decline from 2021 to 2031). But a new report in the Los [...]

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How grocers are deterring theft at self-checkout

By Peyton Bigora and Sam Silverstein Source: Grocery Dive Strategically mounted just above the self-checkout stations in a Harris Teeter location in Gaithersburg, Maryland, a fleet of smart video cameras is bent on ensuring that shoppers don’t leave the store without paying for every product they have in their cart. [...]

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