Safeway To Limit How Many Meat Products Customers Can Buy Amid Concerns Of Nationwide Shortage

Safeway customers in southern California will face limits on how many meat products they can purchase, with the company announcing measures to tackle panic buying amid a possible meat shortage. Meat industry leaders have sounded the alarm over the impact of the coronavirus on meat supply. Tyson Foods warned that [...]

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Supermarkets are rewriting their playbooks to deal with demand, safety. Here’s how things stand in metro Phoenix

A trip to the supermarket — once no more than an afterthought for most people before the coronavirus pandemic hit — now represents one of the few "normal" activities for many people. Once inside, though, things are changing from what shoppers were used to, as stores remain one of the few [...]

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Raley’s, Safeway each ‘mass hiring’ in California amid coronavirus crisis

Northern California supermarket chain Raley’s is mass hiring for personal shoppers at many of its locations, as millions of Californians are limiting exposure to the public due to the rapidly developing coronavirus crisis. Safeway also announced a surge of hiring for in-store employees and delivery drivers at its Northern California, [...]

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Safeway workers reach tentative agreement, avert strike

Unionized Safeway workers say they won't strike after reaching a tentative agreement with the grocery store chain early Thursday morning. Union leaders say they will present details of the proposed new contract to workers at a meeting this afternoon. "These negotiations were long and unusually complex due to the difficult pension issues [...]

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