Over a million retail workers lost their jobs over the past decade, but Wall Street might be just as much to blame as the retail apocalypse

More than 1.3 million retail workers lost their jobs at the hands of private equity firms over the past decade, according to a report published Wednesday by the non-profit organization United For Respect. The report found that 597,000 total people lost their jobs at companies owned by private equity firms [...]

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The Retail Apocalypse Is Not Happening: Why Retailers Who Innovate Will Never Go Extinct

Curb appeal, store design, location, location, location. These are all determinants of a retail store’s success that are becoming less and less relevant. Unfortunately, many retailers have failed to adapt to new consumer behaviors. This year alone, major retailers such as Bon-Ton department stores and Toys R Us permanently closed, [...]

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How hourly workers are changing the retail customer experience

At nearly 60 percent of the workforce, hourly workers are an economic powerhouse. To deliver great customer experiences to consumers, employers must pay attention to hourly workers' needs. Looking ahead and adapting workplace policies that align with shifting dynamics of the workforce means paying attention to workers' top concerns, including [...]

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Reports of Retail’s Death Are Premature

Earlier this month, Senator Marco Rubio reacted to news of rising mall vacancies by calling for help for the "millions of workers who will be increasingly displaced." Yet for all the talk of the "Death of Retail,” reports of store chains going bust and malls closing, the stock market appears to [...]

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Americans are starting to shop more like Europeans — and that should terrify Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, and Kraft

Aggressive retail expansion over the past 10 years and increased consumer access to online grocery options have led shoppers to have more choices than ever before — and it’s contributing to a “new retail revolution.” According to a recent Nielson report, private label products created for stores like Aldi, Lidl [...]

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Retail workers’ jobs are transforming as shoppers’ habits change

With new options and conveniences, there’s never been a better time for shoppers. As for workers — well, not always. The retail industry is being radically reshaped by technology, and nobody feels that disruption more starkly than 16 million American shelf stockers, salespeople, cashiers and other workers. The shifts are [...]

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6 Ways For Retailers To Survive The Cannibalism Of Grocery Delivery

If grocery sales were pounds of flesh, shoppers would be making cannibals of retailers. They’re doing it both virtually and overnight, through demand for online groceries. With breathtaking speed, digital food sales have transformed from a “could-do” service to a “must-be-doing” staple for the nation’s biggest retail brands, from Kroger [...]

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There’s a split in retail, and only 2 types of stores will survive

From RadioShack to CVS, Sears to JCPenney, over 6,000 retail stores have closed their doors this year. In the same period, Amazon’s stock price skyrocketed over 31% as consumers increasingly opt for its seemingly limitless selection and quick shipping. But not all is lost for the remaining brick-and-mortar retailers, says Goldman Sachs’s head of [...]

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