A timeline of how the pandemic hit retail

Witnessing the pandemic’s impact on retail has been like watching a series of waves wash over the industry. When the pandemic began, and retailers weren’t sure exactly how long-lasting the crisis would be, Retail Dive kept a tracker that evolved into a living journal of how retailers were responding to [...]

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What 2020 Was Like for People in the Retail Industry

The retail industry was in the midst of a transformation before 2020. But the onset of the pandemic accelerated that change, fundamentally reordering how and where people shop, and rippling across the broader economy. Many stores closed for good, as chains cut physical locations or filed for bankruptcy, displacing everyone [...]

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We’re heading toward a hybrid retail model

The way we are shopping now is shaping how we will shop in the future when the coronavirus crisis has passed. The pandemic, which has fueled a surge in online shopping and in-store and curbside pickups, is accelerating a trend toward a hybrid retail model. Stores are adopting high-tech fitting [...]

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Covid-19’s acceleration of online grocery shopping and home delivery puts retail landlords and their smaller tenants in increasingly tough financial straits

The next decade of Ryan Sciullo’s career may look a little different than his first 15 years of selling grocery-anchored shopping centers. Sciullo, a senior member of CBRE’s national retail group, specializes in shopping centers anchored by food retailers like Giant, Trader Joe’s and BJ’s Wholesale Club. As Covid-19 has [...]

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Chasing Amazon, Retailers Are in a Never-Ending Arms Race

Retailers are trying everything they can to keep up with Amazon. Macy’s offers same-day delivery and in-store returns for online purchases. Black Friday deals are already starting at Kohl’s. And craft cocktails are served in the women’s shoe department at Nordstrom. By one measure, these strategies are working. After years [...]

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Over a million retail workers lost their jobs over the past decade, but Wall Street might be just as much to blame as the retail apocalypse

More than 1.3 million retail workers lost their jobs at the hands of private equity firms over the past decade, according to a report published Wednesday by the non-profit organization United For Respect. The report found that 597,000 total people lost their jobs at companies owned by private equity firms [...]

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The Retail Apocalypse Is Not Happening: Why Retailers Who Innovate Will Never Go Extinct

Curb appeal, store design, location, location, location. These are all determinants of a retail store’s success that are becoming less and less relevant. Unfortunately, many retailers have failed to adapt to new consumer behaviors. This year alone, major retailers such as Bon-Ton department stores and Toys R Us permanently closed, [...]

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