What will retail look like in five years? Top industry executives share their predictions

By Melissa Repko and Gabrielle Fonrouge Source: CNBC Retail has seen unprecedented upheaval over the last several years. Some of the industry’s key decision-makers expect even more evolution ahead. Covid-related shocks have upended retail, after clogged ports and merchandise shortages gave way to excess inventory levels and shifting consumer demands [...]

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California lawmakers question if ‘reality matches perception’ with state’s retail theft issue

By Ashley Zavala Source: KCRA A lack of data, a lot of finger-pointing, and an under-resourced criminal justice system stayed top of mind for California lawmakers at a special hearing on the state's retail theft problem on Tuesday. "Does perception match reality, and does that distinction matter?" Assemblyman Rick Zbur, [...]

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Retailers appear to be facing a self-checkout reckoning

By Dominic Reuter Source: Business Insider Self-checkout may not be the money-saving "revolution" some retailers were hoping for. More than 30 years after the introduction of self-checkout and its promises of labor-cost savings, the tech has become ubiquitous in stores across the US. Now, retailers including Costco, Walmart, and Kroger [...]

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As more retailers turn to tech, Macy’s store employees score victory in challenging self-checkout in mobile app

Source: Now.gg Stumble Roblox When Macy's introduced a self-checkout option in its mobile app in 2018, the department store bragged about how shoppers could peruse stores without having to wait in line to pay. However, for several store employees, that raised red flags, raising fears that it might endanger their [...]

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The state of grocery retail around the world

By: Bill Aull, Dymfke Kuijpers, and Daniel Läubli Source: McKinsey & Company Changes to the global grocery retail market are happening fast. Trends that emerged during the pandemic are persisting, reshaping the industry. Consider this: in December 2019, the percentage of e-commerce grocery sales in the US market was slightly under [...]

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Retailers need to solve the new shopper behavior equation

By Patrick Spear Source: Supermarket News Consumer confidence and purchasing behavior regained momentum throughout the summer months as businesses began opening their doors and vaccinations became more prevalent. While Americans are now eager to spend, many retailers are not prepared to capture the pent-up demand. Faced with labor shortages, adjusted [...]

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