Regional grocery chains are in fight-or-flight mode

The Publix Super Market in southeast Orlando is, at first glance, a standard American grocery store. It's a well-lit space with a pharmacy, a fresh produce section and more than a dozen aisles lined with neatly stocked shelves of cereals, beverages and canned goods, among other grocery cart items. But [...]

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Publix made as much money as Nike in 2018

If Publix’s sales are any measure, “Where shopping is a pleasure” is now as potent a motto as “Just do it.” In its annual report for 2018, Lakeland-based Publix reported revenues of $36.1 billion — a 4.4 percent increase from 2017. Those sales put it about on par with Oregon-based [...]

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The most popular grocery store in every state

Americans are passionate about their grocery stores. But some of the most popular chains in the nation only exist in particular regions, so it’s likely you’ve never even heard of some of them. The mobile search-and-discovery app Foursquare put together a list of the most-visited grocery stores in each state across the US, [...]

The Person at the End of the Grocery Line

Americans make an average of 1.5 trips to the grocery store per week. Grocery stores—and access to the healthier food choices they provide—are integral to eating habits and health. When they’re absent, or residents don’t have access to them, the U.S. Department of Agriculture designates these areas as “food deserts,” [...]

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