Costco’s surprising response to workers’ union win: It’s not you, it’s us

By Parija Kavilanz Source: CNN In December, Costco workers in Norfolk, Virginia voted to unionize in what they said was a bid to improve working conditions at the wholesale retail chain. Most companies tend to respond aggressively to organizing efforts, but Costco delivered a surprising response to the union win. The [...]

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Why So Many Food Workers Unionized This Year

By Alma Avalle Source: Bon Appetit Starbucks employees have successfully unionized over 250 branches of the international coffee chain. They’ve inspired workers at competitor Peet’s Coffee to organize too. The first Chipotle union has won its National Labor Relations Board vote in Lansing, Michigan. Trader Joe’s workers in Hadley, Massachusetts, have organized their store, [...]

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Arizona Starbucks store votes to unionize, as organizing drive gains momentum across the U.S.

By Matthew Sedacca Source: The Counter Starbucks workers at a single location in Mesa, Arizona, voted to unionize, notching another win for a nationwide organizing drive that has quickly blazed across the coffee giant’s stores since two in the Buffalo, New York, area voted to organize this past December. The [...]

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How Amazon Crushes Unions

Five years ago, Amazon was compelled to post a “notice to employees” on the break-room walls of a warehouse in east-central Virginia. The notice was printed simply, in just two colors, and crammed with words. But for any worker who bothered to look closely, it was a remarkable declaration. Amazon [...]

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