How much the average American millennial, Gen Xer, and baby boomer spends each year on groceries

Everyone needs to eat, but the amount of money Americans spend on groceries changes with age. The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Expenditure Survey tracks how households make and spend money. One set of tables breaks down spending in several different categories based on the age of the person in [...]

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How Scan-And-Go can win over millennials

Can younger consumers do to grocery checkouts what they have purportedly done to diamonds, voice phone calls and certain chain restaurants? That’s the hope of at least one company that wants to see its mobile technology replace the traditional lines and POS stations at food stores. The mobile scan-and-go technology [...]

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Millennials disrupt usage of traditional grocery stores

Some millennials aren’t running to the grocery story often because online shopping is becoming more prevalent. According to a Gallup report, millennials are leading the move away from traditional grocery stores with their shopping habits. About 52 percent of millennials said they spend more on groceries, which is down from [...]

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How Millennials Are Changing the Grocery Store

Next time you run to the grocery store for bread and milk, you might find yourself staying for a champagne tasting. Or seduced by Comice Pears. Or perhaps you’ll just stay home and cook the elicoidali pasta and mascarpone cheese from your Blue Apron box. The digital age has changed how we shop for [...]

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