Lidl to open 50 new US locations by 2021

Lidl’s announcement that it will boost the number of stores it runs in the United States by half continues the chain’s effort to dent the enormous lead rival German discounter Aldi holds in the companies’ quest to further disrupt the U.S. grocery market. Even with the dozens of new locations [...]

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Boxed Partners With Grocery Chain Lidl

Boxed, the digital retailer known for bulk sizes and just 1,600 products in its online store, will now license pieces of its end-to-end technology to its first grocer. The startup now offers delivery to Lidl customers in parts of both New York and Georgia, as it tests out a partnership [...]

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Lidl poised to disrupt metro New York grocery market

The entry of hard discount grocer Lidl stands to stir up the already highly competitive retail grocery market in metropolitan New York. Industry observers say Lidl’s acquisition of 27 Best Market supermarkets in New York and New Jersey will push incumbent grocery stores to trim prices, thinning already narrow profit [...]

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Grocery Stores Have A Lidl Problem

Over the past year, we've heard countless stores about how the Whole Foods/ merger was set to disrupt the grocery industry. Big grocers such as Kroger saw their shares slump in the wake of the news. However, grocery stocks have largely bounced back - so far, reviews of the new [...]

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Lidl Commits to U.S. as Focus Sharpens

As it approaches the close of an eventful first year in the U.S., Lidl is continuing to refine its offerings and explore ways of adapting to shoppers in its newest market, a spokesman told WGB. “We absolutely feel there is a huge opportunity in the U.S. market, and we’re taking [...]

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Americans are starting to shop more like Europeans — and that should terrify Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, and Kraft

Aggressive retail expansion over the past 10 years and increased consumer access to online grocery options have led shoppers to have more choices than ever before — and it’s contributing to a “new retail revolution.” According to a recent Nielson report, private label products created for stores like Aldi, Lidl [...]

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How Aldi, Lidl win without the Internet

Aldi and Lidl are focused on brick-and-mortar while everyone else in the sector races to perfect online grocery. A new feature article in The Economist examines the rapid growth of both chains and their reluctance to focus on e-commerce. Kay Rueschoff, Aldi Nord’s director of marketing, tells The Economist that [...]

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