6 grocery trends to watch in 2020

Grocers have had to test and invest at a faster pace than they'd like since Amazon acquired Whole Foods nearly three years ago. But they're starting to get their footing, and the result is a much better shopping experience for consumers. This year, look for retailers to build out a [...]

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Forget Amazon Go’s Checkout-less Shopping. These 4 Retail Trends Are Coming Sooner

With the much-anticipated launch of its convenience store Amazon Go, the e-commerce giant seemingly ushered in the next big trend in retail: the absence of cash registers and the people needed to work them. In fact, there's already a startup called AiFi working on the technology--which involves artificial intelligence, cameras, and [...]

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Five top trends for grocery stores in 2017

More digital connections and a speedier checkout process rank among the top trends for grocery shopping in 2017. That’s according to John Karolefski, supermarket analyst and purveyor of GroceryStories.com, who also predicts a more diverse produce department, increased availability of meal kits, and better access to product information. “The top [...]

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5 ways your grocery shopping will change in 2016

Need a little wine while wandering supermarket aisles? That could be one of the many inducements grocery shoppers encounter if they head to the store in 2016, if they’re not staying home ordering their steak, potatoes and detergents online, one expert predicts. We go to the store a lot. Americans [...]

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