If Amazon can do it, why not CVS?

CVS is piloting an Amazon Prime-like membership program that aims to generate loyalty among shoppers. The program, called CarePass, offers members a suite of in-store and online perks including free delivery on most medications and purchases, access to a 24/7 pharmacist hotline and 20% off all CVS Health brand products. Customers [...]

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CVS’s notoriously long receipts have been turned into memes, made into Halloween costumes, and lampooned on national TV — but employees say loyal customers still love them

It's hard to tell whether CVS's notoriously long receipts are the butt of the joke or if CVS is in on it. But after speaking with several CVS employees, it's clear that for every detractor of the comically long receipts there are out there, there are far more fans. "People [...]

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