Pharmacy Professionals at CVS in Las Vegas Win Big In Overwhelming Vote to Unionize

Source: IAMAW Pharmacy professionals at CVS Omnicare Las Vegas have won their union election, solidifying The Pharmacy Guild as the first in the nation to lead the burgeoning nationwide push to unionize and transform the high-stakes industry. Pharmacy professionals at CVS Omnicare fill prescriptions for Nevada’s nursing homes, serving elderly and vulnerable patients whose [...]

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CVS plans to lift its minimum wage to $15

By Russell Redman Source: Supermarket News CVS Health aims to gradually raise its minimum wage to reach $15 an hour in July 2022. Plans call for Woonsocket, R.I.-based CVS to initiate incremental increases to its hourly pay rates starting this month. In announcing the wage hike yesterday, the pharmacy giant [...]

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The Changing Food Shelves of CVS

Source: Supermarket Guru CVS and Walgreen’s started building their new stores with about 50% of their area devoted to foods – including healthier offerings When most people think of buying foods at a drug chain it’s typically about the milk (where prices are usually lower than those in the supermarket) [...]

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CVS bulks up in-store assortment of frozen food, snacks

By Russell Redman Source: Supermarket News CVS Pharmacy is launching expanded selections of more than 100 frozen foods, with a focus on meal planning, and over 140 better-for-you snacks. Woonsocket, R.I.-based CVS said Tuesday that selected stores across the country now carry an enlarged frozen assortment, including brands such as Beyond Meat, Bird’s Eye, Ore-Ida and Amy’s Kitchen. The added [...]

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