U.S. grocery shoppers head back to stores as COVID-19 vaccinations rise

By Russell Redman Source: Supermarket News U.S. grocery shoppers are gradually returning to in-store purchases as more Americans receive COVID-19 vaccines, a new survey from Inmar Intelligence finds. Once fully vaccinated, 27% of consumers said they plan to do most of their grocery shopping at stores, while 38% will do [...]

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For Oregon’s Grocery Workers, A Long Wait For Vaccination

As of this week, Oregon has administered one million doses of COVID-19 vaccine. But Governor Brown’s plan designates that grocery workers in Oregon aren’t eligible for vaccination until May 1st. For the last year, most people have dramatically decreased the number of interactions they have outside their immediate family. A [...]

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Grocery store workers have been on the front lines for a year, but they’re struggling to get the Covid vaccine

Grocery store workers in the United States have been stocking shelves, handling customers and keeping stores tidy in challenging and sometimes dangerous pandemic conditions for almost a year. But a vaccine that once offered these essential workers hope for their safety remains elusive for most. Although coronavirus risks are high [...]

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UFCW calls for expedited vaccine access, hazard pay for frontline food workers

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), which represents 1.3 million frontline essential workers, called on leading grocery retailer and local and federal government to expedite vaccine access for frontline food workers, while applauding the new wave of local hazard pay measures in at least 15 cities in the United States. “COVID-19 [...]

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‘‘We Are Forgotten”: Grocery Workers Hope for Higher Pay and Vaccinations

It has been an exhausting 10 months for Toni Ward Sockwell, an assistant manager at Cash Saver, a grocery chain, in Guthrie, Oklahoma. She has been helping to oversee about 40 anxious employees during a deadly pandemic, vigilantly disinfecting counters at the store and worrying about passing the coronavirus to [...]

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US pharmacies could administer up to 100 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine a month. Here’s how

Shipments of Covid-19 vaccines will be headed to pharmacies next week under a federal program that aims to get more people vaccinated quickly. Twenty-one "national pharmacy partners and networks of independent pharmacies representing over 40,000 pharmacy locations nationwide" are taking part in the program, according to a government fact sheet, [...]

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Meat processors ready for COVID-19 vaccine, but workers may not be

The COVID-19 vaccine can't come soon enough for U.S. meatpacking plants, an industry plagued by outbreaks, labor shortages and absenteeism due to the deadly virus. Hotbeds for COVID-19 outbreaks, meat and poultry processing facilities face major challenges in getting their hundreds of thousands of employees immunized. "The resolution to this [...]

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