Haggen’s Horrible Year

If the saga of Haggen Holdings were to be turned into a Broadway musical it would likely be called How Not to Succeed in Business. For Haggen is the story of a scrappy 18-unit independent chain from small-town Bellingham, Wash., with dreams of making it big in the bright lights, big city metropolitan [...]

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Haggen sells 36 California stores, bidders lined up to buy 55 more

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for Delaware in Wilmington has confirmed the sale of 36 Haggensupermarkets. The court approved two separate purchase agreements. One allows Gelson’s to purchase eight stores, including locations in Laguna Beach and Thousand Oaks, for approximately $36 million. A separate purchase agreement allows Smart & Final LLC to buy 28 [...]

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Haggen bankruptcy: Failure is the ‘fastest’ in modern grocery store history

After landing in Southern California six months ago, Northwest grocer Haggen has filed for bankruptcy protection – a move considered one of the quickest collapses to hit the supermarket industry in decades. “This is the fastest (failure) in modern supermarket history,” said grocery strategist Burt P. Flickinger. “In all of [...]

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A&P grocery chain files bankruptcy again

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Inc., which controls the A&P supermarket chain, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy overnight Monday and threatened to liquidate without approval for a sale of some of its stores. The filing marked the second Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the 156-year-old A&P chain in the past [...]

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