Aldi update: The latest on the discount grocery chain’s plans across metro Phoenix

Discount grocery store Aldi is moving forward on bringing its national expansion to metro Phoenix — but it's unclear if any stores would open this year. A city spokeswoman for Buckeye says the store planned there will wait until after an Aldi distribution center opens in neighboring Goodyear. That's expected in 2020. The chain, popular in [...]

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1 in 5 people switching grocers choose Aldi

One out of every five shoppers who recently switched grocery stores are loyal to Aldi, Bloomberg reported, citing a report by Morgan Stanley. According to the firm, the German discount grocer is getting more new shoppers than Costco, Target, Kroger and Amazon. The company, which opened its first U.S. location in Iowa [...]

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Americans are starting to shop more like Europeans — and that should terrify Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, and Kraft

Aggressive retail expansion over the past 10 years and increased consumer access to online grocery options have led shoppers to have more choices than ever before — and it’s contributing to a “new retail revolution.” According to a recent Nielson report, private label products created for stores like Aldi, Lidl [...]

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A major German grocery chain is experimenting with a new hiring strategy: job interviews in a pitch black room

More companies should consider accepting applications without the applicant’s photo or name. The advantage? Applicants could be protected against discrimination. Fewer people will then be excluded from the application procedure because of their appearance, sex, or foreign name. At a career fair in Cologne, Aldi Süd tested the next stage of the [...]

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