By Michael Browne
Source: Supermarket News

While grocery retailers entered 2021 brimming with optimism and confidence for the year ahead, riding high from record-setting sales in 2020 and the anticipation of widespread vaccinations against COVID, a new set of challenges arose last year as supply chain issues and labor shortages dominated all businesses. As we kick off the new year, retailers are again feeling confident — but with some concerns.

More than 130 grocery retailers (including brick-and-mortar, online and omnichannel) shared their thoughts and plans for 2022 in Supermarket News’ second annual Retailer Expectations Survey, covering such topics as the economy, sales projections, store count and hiring, and, of course, the continuing impact of COVID-19 as we near the two-year mark since the pandemic first struck the United States. Of those retailers surveyed, 41% operate 1-10 stores, while 38% represent chains of more than 100 store. Another 18% range in the middle of 11-100 stores.

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