San Bernardino-based Stater Bros. made a top-20 list of companies with the highest rating for job security, Forbes reported.

The online story cited findings in a report from, a search engine that aggregates job listings from several platforms.

Stater Bros.’ No. 20 ranking put the Southern California supermarket company among several national and regional companies.

Washington-based Costco, the Texas-based HEB grocery chain and Publix, a supermarket chain based in Florida, were other retailers to make the list.

Other outfits that made the list and have significant locations in the Inland area are Southwest Airlines (No. 2), Costco Wholesale (No. 4) and Kaiser Permanente (No. 12). compiled the list by reviewing companies in its database that received at least 100 job security reviews from the companies’ employees, rating those on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 the highest rating.

None rang the 5 bell. The highest rating was 3.71, for No. 1 QuikTrip.

“The Stater Bros. tradition centers on taking good care of our valued customers and the loyal members of our Stater Bros. family,’’ President and CEO Pete Van Helden said.

He said the company offers skill improvement programs and training and a “positive work environment with good jobs, competitive pay and excellent benefits.”

The company long has had good relations with its union members.

When contract talks were underway and a strike vote was approved last summer between the United Food and Commercial Workers and Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons, UFCW Inland Local 1167 recommended no action against Stater Bros., telling its members: “If you work for Stater Bros., you belong to a company with a remarkable history of working positively with your union. We see no reason for that strong working relationship to change.”

Stater Bros. was not part of the negotiations and followed a policy of accepting the final agreement.

“Stater Bros. acknowledges the success and continued growth of our company is credited to the great team effort and hard work” of current and former workers, Van Helden said.

Stater Bros. started in San Bernardino in 1936.

Source: The Press Enterprise