The Ralphs supermarket chain announced Friday that it will offer coronavirus tests to all 20,000 Southern California employees. The action comes a day after the NBC4 I-Team revealed COVID-19 outbreaks at numerous supermarkets, including several Ralphs.

“Ralphs will begin offering take-home tests for all of our associates beginning in mid-May,” said John Votava, a Ralphs spokesman. Votava said that all employees can get a test whether or not they’re experiencing symptoms. Employees will be able to take a swab test at home, mail in the sample and get results within days.

One of Southern California’s biggest grocery chains with 188 stores, Ralphs has experienced a number of COVID-19 outbreaks among its employees, the largest being a cluster of 19 cases at the store known as “Rock and Roll Ralphs” on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.