Perfect Union, one of the nation’s premier cannabis dispensary operations, announced the extension of their retail-industry leading coronavirus bonus pay program for employees. The company, which operates vertically integrated dispensaries in California, New Mexico, and Rhode Island, began paying all employees an additional $2.50/hour on March 16 th, to coincide with the announcement of the shelter-in-place order for 5 bay area counties that was later extended to most states nationwide. Perfect Union is also continuing their policy of paying supervisors and managers an additional $150 and $250 per week, respectively. The company announced today that they will be extending the bonus pay throughout April, or until the shelter-in-place order is lifted.

The bonus pay extends to over 200 dedicated Perfect Union employees, including those working in cultivation, distribution, manufacturing and retail. Most of the employees are members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) International Union. The UFCW has been a big advocate of creating a meaningful bonus pay structure for their members who are working during these challenging times to provide essential services to others.

“We are proud of the way the Perfect Union organization stepped up to ensure we could maintain the highest level of service and care for our patients and guests,” said David Spradlin, CEO of Perfect Union. “I am grateful to our employees for their dedication and heroics during this time of crisis. I am happy we are in position to be able to give a little more to our employees and their families during this unprecedented time.”

Perfect Union was one of the first dispensaries in the nation to partner with the UFCW, ensuring a fair living wage and health benefits to their hourly employees. The coronavirus outbreak provides a perfect opportunity for them to work together to ensure employees are being taken care of during this critical time.

“We are focused on the health and safety of all workers as well as the general public and established Joint Labor Management Committees with multiple employers in response to COVID -19,” said Jacques Loveall, President of UFCW 8-Golden State and an International Union Vice President. “Perfect Union is a national leader when it comes to taking care of employees. David Spradlin is a champion for his workers and the generous COVID-19 bonus program is just another example of how he is willing to work with us to do the right thing for our members,” Loveall said.

In addition to the bonus pay for employees, Perfect Union has also instituted a series of industry leading steps to ensure the safety and security of their workers and guests. These steps include procedures from designated hand wash stations inside the dispensaries to controlled entry to allow for adequate social distancing. Additionally, Perfect Union is providing support that goes beyond the robust Family First Coronavirus Response Act protections by expanding coverage on a case by case basis depending on individual needs.