It is known for wine, but E&J Gallo Winery is now producing and bottling hand sanitizer.

The world’s largest winery delivered dozens of cases to the Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services to help first responders and others in need.

“Given the shortage of sanitizer, our team members took the initiative to work together and quickly converted a hand bottling line in our spirits plant,” said Stephanie Gallo of E&J Gallo. “We are honored to play a small role in helping our colleagues and community, during this time.”

“There is a shortage in our community, statewide and nationwide, as well. It’s an example of how many different companies, including Gallo, are stepping up to challenges and doing what they can to help the community,” said Deputy Raj Singh, with the office of emergency services.


E&J Gallo Winery Hand Sanitizer


OES has been distributing hand sanitizers to first responders, such as police officers, firefighters and health care workers. Officials will also distribute the hand sanitizers to elderly residents and those with the greatest need.

“It’s very important for first responders to protect themselves because we have a service to provide, especially in this time of medical emergencies. They need help so they could be able to be safe and healthy because if they don’t, then it’s going to be a different kind of crisis,” Singh said.

Gallo said the winery is working on making more hand sanitizers and expect to have more shipments soon.