Negotiations between Glenmore Distillery and UFCW 227 have stalled as they aim to negotiate a new contract.

A union representative says the most recent contract expired at midnight April 6.

After weeks of negotiations with the company, Sazerac handed union members a final proposal on Wednesday indicating they were done negotiating. Union members on the union’s negotiating committee strongly expressed that they are not done negotiating.

Sazerac’s final proposal pays its future workforce, at a minimum, $9/hour less and increases health care costs while offering less coverage.

Union members reviewed the company’s final offer for several days, and on Monday, in a secret ballot vote, 95% of union members voted to reject the company’s offer.

The union remains committed to working with the company to achieve an agreement that honors the hard work of our members who are proud to have made their company profitable and successful, and to future generations of hard-working men and women at Glenmore Distillery.

Source: Tristate Homepage