28 Oct

Kroger’s Decline

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Early in 2019, Kroger’s was listed by a top retail research firm as the fourth-largest grocer in the world. Yet, the year that began with such a proud status, has seen the brand endure a difficult period in the US. The company announced plans to lay off hundreds of employees [...]

21 Oct

Kroger announces new date labeling protocol for private label products

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Kroger announced a new plan to standardize date labels for its private label food products aimed at providing consumers with easier-to-understand information about quality and safety, according to a press release. Earlier this year, Kroger began transitioning its food products to one of two date labels. "Use By" indicates the [...]

14 Oct

Milkmen are returning to London as millennials order glass milk bottles in a bid to slash plastic waste

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Milkmen and milkwomen are making a comeback in London as millennials have started using glass milk bottles in a bid to cut down plastic waste. Dairies in the capital told of a "phenomenal" upsurge in interest from younger customers at the start of the year amid growing public upset over plastic [...]

14 Oct

Northwest Grocery Workers Union Approves Contract With Supermarkets

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Grocery workers have approved a contract with some of the region’s biggest supermarkets after months of contentious negotiations, a short-lived boycott against Fred Meyer and the threat of a strike. United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 announced the ratification late Friday. The union represents about 20,000 grocery workers in Oregon and southwest [...]