When I was home with two babies, my favorite person in the whole wide world was the Peapod guy. Not only did he bring me sustenance, he carried all the groceries (usually, a three-figure bill’s worth) up the stairs to my second-floor apartment, all the way into the kitchen. I tipped generously, but it never seemed like enough. My husband subsequently took over the kitchen, so that the luxury Peapod bags have been replaced with our battered reusable grocery bags and piles of beef broth and spices. Putting all of it away remains the most arduous part of the grocery task.

Now U.K. supermarket chain Waitrose may be offering my dream home service: Grocery delivery that includes putting the groceries away. But how? CNN reports that the “service is giving customers the option of allowing delivery drivers to enter their homes using an access code that works with a smart lock. The code will expire after drivers have loaded groceries into the fridge, freezer or pantry.” Also, to alleviate fears of theft or having a stranger in your home rifling through your underwear drawer or something, Waitrose delivery people will have cameras on them recording their every move through your home.

CNN notes that Amazon launched a service last year called Amazon Key in several U.S. cities that uses similar smart-lock technology for inside-the-home delivery. Notably, these services also prevent theft off your doorstep. And I doubt that few things can beat the luxury of coming home to a fully-stocked fridge, so I’m hopeful that Waitrose is kicking off a worldwide trend.

Source: The Takeout