By Alarice Rajagopal
Source: Supermarket News

The majority of grocers believe Instacart’s decision to go public is the right strategy, (59% of all grocers and 72% of grocers that use Instacart). However, 84% of grocers also believe their own digital strategies will be able to compete with third-party apps, according to the latest joint report from Grocery Doppio, Incisiv, and Wynshop.

The report was built around data analysis of 1.9 million shopper orders and survey results from more than 35,407 shoppers and 3,376 U.S. grocery executives.

The August grocery industry survey reflects the latest analysis of shopper orders, including grocers’ opinions about Instacart’s imminent IPO, and their relationships with third-party grocery apps. It found that digital grocery sales have plateaued, however, grocers’ confidence is on the rise as they continue to grab market share from third-party apps and rely less on those apps to scale.

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