By Bob Kustra
Source: The News Tribune

It’s not often I find reason to return to a previous column and follow up based on new information, but the so-called Kroger/Albertsons merger merits a second look. First, it’s more accurately called King Kroger’s Capture and Decapitation Plan. Kroger is clearly in charge. It’s the Kroger CEO who is out in front. As a Statesman article noted, it’s Kroger that’s calling the shots, and it’s Albertsons in Boise that is likely to take a hit.

Food shoppers can only hope the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice challenge the attempt to proceed with the merger and send the two companies back to their competitive ways. But that is hardly a given, as America’s antitrust enforcement has fallen on hard times, with critics complaining that the federal government is standing idly by while the growing power of corporations and the wealth they generate for American oligarchs widens the inequality gap beyond recognition.

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