A growing number of large US chains are offering their workers incentives to get Covid-19 vaccines.

Grocery chain Aldi said Tuesday that it will provide its hourly workers with two hours of pay for each vaccine dose they receive, giving workers up to four hours total of paid time off. Aldi also said it will “cover costs associated with vaccine administration” for employees who want to get vaccinated.

Aldi is “ensuring that all hourly workers who wish to receive the vaccine are able to do so without concern about losing pay or taking time away from work,” the company said in a news release.

Aldi joins Dollar General, Trader Joe’s and Instacart as major US companies that have made similar moves.

Dollar General (DG) said last week that it will give its workers a one-time payment equivalent to four hours of pay after receiving a completed vaccination. Trader Joe’s will give workers “an additional 2 hours of regular pay per dose for taking the time to get vaccinated,” Kenya Friend-Daniel, a spokesperson for the company, said in an email.

Instacart, the on-demand grocery delivery platform, also said last week that it will provide some financial assistance for its in-store workers and independent contractors.

Source: CNN