By Jeff Wells
Source: Grocery Dive

In the high-stakes race among grocers building out retail media platforms, Albertsons is a late entrant. The company unveiled its own advertising business late last year and officially launched it in late February — well after competitors like Walmart, Kroger and Target had already built out their own shops.

Lagging the competition seems surprising for Albertsons due to its size, and because it’s become known as a digital innovator and fast adopter of new technologies. But that isn’t hurting Albertsons Media Collective’s ability to attract significant interest from CPGs that want to spend with the grocer, said Kristi Argyilan, the retailer’s senior vice president of retail media. It also carries some advantages, she said, like being able to bypass many of the early growing pains retail ad businesses have had to go through and incorporate cutting-edge technology into the network.

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